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Laparoscopic, G.I. & colorectal surgery, Navi Mumbai, India

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Laparoscopic Hernia Treatment

Hernia Treatment

Top Hernia Specialist at Navi Mumbai , India

Dr Nitish Jhawar Senior Hernia Specialist is expert at Fortis Hiranadani Hospital, Vashi, Navi Mumbai for all types of simple and complex Hernia including recurrent Hernia. He has performed thousands of Tension Free Laparoscopic (key Hole) Hernia Repair with use of best quality mesh to maximize success rate, rapid recovery and quick return to work.

Open Vs Laparoscopic Surgery

Limitations of open hernia surgery namely long period of rest (average 6 weeks) and chance of hernia coming back (recurrent hernia) led to rapid popularity of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery all over the world and in India. Laparoscopic hernia repair means less pain, less hospital stay, faster recovery and less chances of recurrence.

Is surgery must for Treatment of Hernia?

Surgery is the only treatment option for Hernia. It is better to undergo surgery before symptoms worsen or before complication starts. The possible complications include obstruction or strangulation which may be life threatening. Best Docotr for Hernia surgry in Mumbai

Hernia Surgery cost in Mumbai

Cost of Laparoscopic Hernia surgery by best doctor for Hernia Surgery in Navi Mumbai is around 80,000/ to 1, 00,000/- excluding mesh and tracker (Used to fix the mesh) charges.

Navi Mumbai is rapidly advancing in medical care and our best Laparoscopic Hernia Specialist Surgeons are offering best services at reasonable cost.

What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Hernia Repair?

  • Small incisions
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Earlier return to work
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Positioning of the mesh on the inside of the defect is mechanically better than when placed on the outside as in the non-keyhole operation
  • Recurrent hernias are much easier as approached from the inside
  • Hernias on both sides can be repaired through the same three holes as opposed to open surgery where separate incision is to be given on other side

Types Of repair For Inguinal/Umblical/Incisional Hernia

  • Simple Tension Free proelne mesh repair of Hernia (Leichenstein’s Hernia Repair )
    A Polypropylene mesh is used to seal the defect.
  • Laparoscopic Repair Transabdominal preperitoneal hernioplasty (TAPP) a mesh is placed inside the abdominal wall whereas totally extraperitoneal mesh repair (TEP) is done extraperitoneally.

    These are technically much more demanding procedures and should be performed by an experienced Hernia Specialist.

  • 3-D Mesh Hernia Repair most advanced method of hernia repair and it covers the hernia defect from 3 sides- above, below and centre. It is a tension-free repair in which a Polypropylene mesh is used.
  • Complex Hernia Repair with Abdominal wall Reconstruction: multiple previous failed hernia repairs, for very large hernia, advanced hernia repair techniques may be required along with reconstruction of the abdominal wall and then reinforcement with mesh.

How Laparoscopic Hernia Operation is Done?

  • Tiny incisions are placed on the abdomen.
  • The abdomen is inflated with harmless gas (carbon di oxide) to create space to operate. The laparoscope with attached camera and special long instruments are inserted through these incisions.
  • Surgeon performs the procedure watching high resolution images of the patient’s abdomen on the monitor.
  • Hernia contents are pulled back in rather than pushed in from outside as is done in an ‘open’ operation and defect repaired with mesh from inside.
  • Following the procedure, the small abdominal incisions are closed with a stitch or two or surgical tap or glue can be applied.

What to Expect After Hernia Surgery?


  • Once patient is awake walk is encouraged
  • Routine activities like car driving can be resumed one week after keyhole repair and 2 weeks after open repair
  • Bath can be taken daily if advised
  • Avoid bending forward frequently
  • Avoid strenuous work and lifting weight over 5kg, for 2 months


  • Normal diet and plenty of liquids are advised. Avoid diet which may cause cough and cold.


  • Slight pain may be experienced during the first 24 to 48 hours. Painkillers are prescribed for first 2 days

Hospital Stay & Rest:

  • Most patient may go home same day of the surgery (day care surgery)
  • Normal rest at home for 2-3 days, you may go back to work within few days after laparoscopic surgery repair.
  • Heavy weight lifting is to be avoided for approx. 2 weeks after Laparoscopic Hernia repair.
  • Some swelling around incision and bluish discoloration is normal in groin hernias, which can be up to scrotum

Preoperative Preparation for Hernia Surgery:

  • Blood investigations, chest x-ray, ECG and medical evaluation for fitness for anaesthesia.
  • Eating or drinking and smoking are stopped 6 hours prior to operation.
  • Drugs such as aspirin, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medications and Vitamin E are to be stopped a week prior to surgery.

Types Of Hernia

Hernia is a bulge in the abdomen due to protrusion of contents of the abdomen through a normal or abnormal opening.

Types of Hernia

  • Inguinal hernia
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Femoral hernia
  • Epigastric Hernia
  • Hiatus Hernia
  • Strangulated Hernia
  • Obstructed Hernia
  • Complex Hernia
  • Recurrent Hernia


What patient says about Dr. Nitish Jhawar

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    I was diagnosed with gall stones a year ago in Delhi, I showed it to a doctor at M.... hospital, he .... asked me to get a surgery done and get my gall removed on any date of my choice, I was sacred and too young to get it done I got a vibe from doctor that for him it’s just a small things, however according to for a patient it’s important first be convinced on the urgency to get it done and feel safe . A year later I shifted to Mumbai and started having a frequent pain in shoulder blades and gall area. It went sharp this time. We went to Dr Nitish , as oppose to Delhi doc, Dr Nitish was very polite, first asked us to get the scan done and understand the current scenario, the scan showed one big 17 mm stone which was earlier also there but this time also there were multiple various sized stones as well along with the big one. Dr Nitish examined the scan, explained me and my husband about the condition and need of surgery or else the stone Would have slipped in the panacea or bile calling for a bigger operation. He explained diagramatically . He was patient in explaining, gave us time to think and be convinced. We were ready and then he performed it . It was flawless, quick and went well. He is a very experienced and fine surgeon , he is caring and doesn’t create panic at all rather he takes it slowly and makes patient comfortable. It was lapro, it’s been 2 months I m writing this . I faced no issues till now. Fortis staff was also very caring and good. I would mention fortis Vashi in specific. Good follow up diet makes it normal. I would strongly recommend Dr Nitish. He knows his job perfectly. He is not money minded at all. He would recommend surgery only if it’s required.

  • I had surgery of my left hydrocele on 27th May 2017 by Dr Nitish Jhawar. An excellent experience of service I got particularly from Dr Jhawar. He is not only a qualified experienced doctor but also a splendid human being. Thanks a lot.

  • It was a Laparoscopic operation for the removal of Gall Bladder (stones). I had developed on and off pain in abdomen before the operation, after the operation feeling good, totally pain free. Thanks and respect for handling my case very well.

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    I met doctor Nitish for piles problem and wanted to undergo LASER procedure only, my operation is successful and I thank doctor for being a good human being and great surgeon.

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    I was suffering from piles since long time. For bleeding heavily I met Dr Nitish Jhawar and after meeting him decided to go for Stapler surgery for piles. I found him a doctor who listens to our problem and explains properly.

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    I got diagnosed about a year back but was avoiding operation for Hernia repair, Dr Nitish Jhawar explained me why surgery should be done and I chose surgery by laparoscopy method. I am happy with the doctor and the hospital.

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    I visited for Gall Bladder removal by Laparoscopy after searching for best laparoscopic surgeon. After meeting dr my fear for surgery was vanished and my surgery went well and recovery was smooth.

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    Honest doctor, expert in his field....can trust his words

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    Very good he describe everything in very pleasant manner about the problem which was very helpful to me to understand my disease.

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    Very nice. Doctor is very patient and gives you correct advice.

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    He is very erudite and smart at getting to the bottleneck of the problem. And before realized he had pinched away d growth bothering me near my anal area.

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    Dr. Jhawar is few of the best doctors in town. Extremely pleasant and comfortable experience